Office Management

Today it is essential for dealers to have a streamlined administration that at the same time allows the Office Manager to oversee everything that happens at the dealership.


If the dealer has several stores, Autologica allows centralized management to improve control. This also means that management can analyze information in an individual and consolidated manner. Audit reports help the Office Manager detect deviations.

Autologica DMS lets dealers assign multiple accounts to each customer: Parts, Service, Vehicle Sales, and others.

The Autologica dealer management system manages all information in real time, without any cumbersome batch processes. The system allows you to see as much history as you want without having to request archived data.

The Administration module also includes integrated Cash Register and Bank Management modules.

Fiscal updates

Autologica provides software updates each time the Fiscal Authority of the dealer's country makes changes. These updates are included in our programmed quarterly updates, or can be expedited depending on the urgency of the tax or fiscal issue.

Cash Register

The Cash Register module allows cashiers to organize and control day-to-day transactions with customers and suppliers, including checks, third-party checks, credit cards and transfers between cashiers.

The Autologica Cash Register module also provides cashiers with advanced features such as petty cash funds, check exchange, and automatic tax withholdings to simplify tasks and save time.

Bank Management

Autologica allows the dealer to record all bank transactions, see transaction summaries, and perform account reconciliations, reducing errors and saving time by automating routine tasks.


Significant Features


  • Transactions

    • Multiple account types for each customer: Parts, Service, Vehicles, etc.
    • Credit limit per account type
    • Electronic invoicing (***)
    • Dual currencies
    • Cost Centers
    • Generates accounting entries automatically
    • Updates current accounts automatically (customers and suppliers)

  • Automatic taxes (***)

    • Withholdings and perceptions
    • Print withholdings certificates
    • Export data to Fiscal Authority applications

  • Significant reports

    • Real-time A/R and A/P reports
    • Due dates
    • Balance by business unit
    • Balance in USD and local currency
    • Reports by brand, dealer, dealer group
    • Withholdings and perceptions reports
    • ABC (Pareto) balance due report

  • Auditing

    • Analytics vs. Management: Account vehicle stock
    • Analytics vs. Management: A/R and A/P
    • Analytics vs. Management: Vehicle sales transactions
    • Stub-books with active, delayed and cancelled numbers
    • Vouchers without accounting entries
    • Bank vouchers without accounting entries
    • VAT Book vs. Accounting

Cash Register

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Receipts
  • Payment orders
  • Payments with automatic withholdings
  • Fiscal printers (please inquire)
  • Transfers between cashiers
  • Third-party checks
  • Petty cash fund
  • Daily reports
  • Summaries, by cashier and by store
  • Track third-party checks and credit card receipts


  • Deposit checks and cash
  • Bank debit and credit notes
  • Deposit and track credit card coupons
  • Deferred checks
  • Bounced checks
  • Multiples checkbooks
  • Account reconciliation
  • Account summaries
  • Track due dates of own checks
  • Movement history of own and third-party checks



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