Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module helps dealers address fixed asset purchases and sales, depreciations, accelerated depreciations, depreciation roll back and more.


The dealership can record fixed asset depreciations based on the length of life of these assets.

The module will help you create a depreciation plan, restore capital invested in fixed assets, generate reports and create financial statement appendices.

The Fixed Assets module is fully integrated with the Autologica dealer management system.


Significant Features

  • Residual value of fixed assets
  • Generates monthly and accelerated depreciations
  • Depreciations by store and by brand
  • Eliminate fixed assets, even through massive write-offs, when there are related assets (due to obsolescence, sales, loss)
  • Relate fixed assets to vehicles used internally
  • Add fixed assets by batch
  • Categorize fixed assets or differentiate them by areas or sub-areas
  • Inflation adjustment

Significant reports

  • Fixed Assets Appendix by area and sub-area to add to financial statements
  • Accelerated depreciations reports
  • Fixed asset elimination reports
  • Pending depreciation
  • Export reports to Excel®, OpenOffice®, Word®, PDF, XML, HTML, txt


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