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Pergamino Automotores

We reduced lost sales from 29% to 9%

We met with part of the dealership team to learn how Autologica Sky DMS helps each department and how it contributes to achieving the company’s goals.  

With Autologica Sky DMS, we improved parts inventory management across all stores; unnecessary purchases and lost sales greatly decreased. In numbers, this improvement meant going from 29% lost sales to 9.5%.  

This means that in effect we’ve increased our parts sales by 20%.

In addition, Sky DMS helps us save time. 

“We can access all the same information from all of our locations. This allows us to improve in all of our departments: parts inventory, vehicle inventory, customer account information, and more.”
Fernando Morandin 

Save 20 hours per month thanks to interfaces 

Pergamino Automotores uses the interfaces that Autologica developed for Renault dealers, including PG&CS (guarantees), BDCF (invoicing), prices and models, RIM (purchase suggestions), among others. The time saved thanks to these interfaces is invested in improving daily management and customer satisfaction.  

“Autologica’s interfaces with Renault streamline and improve the transmission of information, and free up time for administrative staff who can focus on improving customer service and managing warranty claims. Before, a person had to spend an hour per day to perform the tasks that the interface now does automatically, with the possibility of making mistakes. Today, that time can be spent on more meaningful tasks.” Fernando Morandin 

Pergamino Automotores also uses Appoint365, the online workshop scheduler developed by Autologica that centralizes and automates workshop appointment management, while reducing absenteeism thanks to its automatic reminders. Fernando highlighted the ease of use and advantages it offers customers who can book and manage appointments from any device, without having to call the dealership. 


Industry: Automotive

Branchs: 5


Since: 2004



Autologica Sky DMS
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Pergamino Automotores SA is an official Renault dealership with more than 30 years of experience. They began using Autologica Sky DMS in 2004 to manage their five branches in Pergamino, San Nicolas, Junin, Chivilcoy and Venado Tuerto.