Business Process Reengineering

Based on successful experiences with several dealers, we have launched a new initiative to help dealers define and redesign all of the business processes related to their dealer management system.


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The key to improving the dealership’s results is:
The right processes + the right system.


The successful implementation of any business system depends on the correct definition of all of the business processes of the departments involved.


Business Process Reengineering will help the dealership:

Reduce costs

Reduce the time it takes to complete tasks

Improve the flow of information

Reduce errors and related extra work

Improve the relationship and interaction with customers

Create training material for new personnel







The reengineering methodology can be applied to the following departments: Sales; Parts; Service; and Finance & Administration, at dealerships that have deployed or are about to deploy Autologica DMS as their business system.


Our consultants have ample experience in the automotive, equipment, truck, and motorcycle dealership business. We also work closely with many manufacturers and can apply their best practices.



A typical Business Process Reengineering project lasts 2 months.
A senior Autologica consultant works with the dealership in the following steps:

Step 1:
Initial Meeting

Step 2:
Department Analysis

Step 3:
Role Assignment

Step 4:
Process Definition

Step 5:
Launch Meeting

Step 6:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Business Process Reengineering include all of my dealership's processes?

It includes all processes that are related to the management system. There are likely other processes that are not related to the scope of software system; these are not included in the project.


If we do not use Autologica DMS, can we request this service?

For now we only offer the service to dealers who use Autologica DMS or Autologica Sky DMS (cloud-based version) as their dealer management system. It is vital that the dealer's software system be flexible in order to reflect all of the dealer's business processes. Autologica has that flexibility; we cannot guarantee that of other systems.


How long does the project take?

Each project covers one department of the dealership. The first day is the Initial Meeting; two months later (on a typical project) the project concludes with the delivery of the final documentation. During the following three months, the Autologica consultant assigned to the project performs periodic controls to ensure compliance with all processes.


For which departments can process reengineering be performed?

Business Process Reengineering can be performed for the following departments:


Is training in the use of the dealer management system included?

Process reengineering focuses on improving the department's business processes. It does not include training in the use of Autologica DMS. We do offer training in the different modules outside the scope of a Business Process Reengineering project.