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Dealers representing the following brands use Autologica products:

Success stories

Ratto Hnos.
Official John Deere dealer

"We are currently undergoing great change, professionalizing our operations, implementing formal processes and procedures, and Autologica is helping us. Because we can't improve or control what we can't measure. Autologica also helps us comply with John Deere processes, and manage our information in a much more automatic and efficient way."

Luciana Ivancevich
Dealership Development Manager

Official Ford and Volkswagen dealer

"Autologica DMS provides us with a clear picture of what is happening at each of our stores, with sales, purchases, and factory orders regarding Ford parts which is vital important information for us."

Gregorio Alfredo Schmidt
Parts Manager

ACMC SAS Colombia
Authorized SsangYong service workshop

"I am very happy with Autologica DMS. They are always enhancing the system and suggesting improvements and new tools, they never stand still (…) it’s a system that can be tailored to the specific needs of the dealer and for me that is what really matters.”

José Luis Varona
Dealer Principal

I am interested in Autologica DMS


Customer experiences and comments 

  • "Autologica’s OEM interfaces make loading information into the system much easier, and allow us to track the production process of vehicles that aren’t in stock."

    Author image
    • Federico Karam
    • Marketing & Administration
      Karam Automotores – Official Ford dealer
  • "The Technician Panel facilitates our administrative operations in the Service Department. It is very simple and our technicians feel comfortable using it."

    Author image
    • Néstor Berg
    • Service Coordinator
      Navarro y Cia. SA. – Official John Deere dealer
  • "The new model entries feature is a very useful tool to carry out monthly entries, such as depreciations, salaries, tax settlements, among others."

    Author image
    • Javier Freyer
    • Administration and Finance Manager
      Auto Ferro – Official BMW dealer
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  • I am very big on customer service and introducing new technology… but the use of technology has to be easy, fun and effective. Appoint365 lets us offer clients the ease of making appointments right on our website, without the hassle of not getting through on the telephone, or having to remember to call during working hours. With Appoint365 we can WOW the client with our dealership's value added features, and this helps to strengthen our brand. The more features we can provide to improve customer care and retention, the more we can move our brand to a premium level.

    Author image
    • Israel Marin
    • Dealer Principal
      Belize Diesel & Equipment - Official Toyota dealer
  • "We use Cost Centers to log direct expenses that are not related to any one department. This helps us obtain profit and loss reports by department, part of our ongoing goal to improve the quality of the information we analyze to make decisions."

    Author image
    • Laura Grosso
    • General Manager
      Grosso Tractores - Official New Holland dealer
  • "Our experience with the invoice interface between Autologica and John Deere has been very positive. It's very easy to use and has allowed us to greatly decrease the time spent on processing and managing invoices."

    Author image
    • Leonardo Lung
    • Administration and Sales
      Remonda Castro - Official John Deere dealer
  • "Autologica's tax interface is wonderful, very fast and easy-to-use. In just 10 minutes it does everything whereas before, manual entry took us several hours plus another 90 minutes of processing with macros in Excel."

    Author image
    • María José Fernández
    • Administration and Finance
      Trammel - Official Ford dealer
  • "The interfaces between Autologica and the manufacturer greatly simplify the entry of vehicles into the system, and allow us to monitor the production process of units that are not in stock."

    Author image
    • Federico Karam
    • Administration and Marketing
      Karam Auto - Official Ford dealer
  • "The Technician Control Panel simplifies administrative tasks. It's very easy to use for our technicians, they've been able to quickly adopt it."

    Author image
    • Néstor Berg
    • Service Coordinator
      Navarro & Co. - Official John Deere dealer
  • "The new "model entries" feature is very useful for accounting entries that are repeated every month, such as depreciations, payroll, taxes, and other expenses."

    Author image
    • Javier Freyer
    • Finance Manager
      Auto Ferro - Official BMW dealer

OEM Projects

Autologica carries out joint projects with OEMs to offer brand-specific features and interfaces to their dealer networks.

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