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DMS projects with manufacturers

Joint projects

We’ve worked with many manufacturers on joint projects so that their dealers can use Autologica DMS to work as required by the manufacturer. As part of these projects we develop:

Manufacturer-specific features


Interfaces between Autologica DMS and manufacturer systems

Training programs

OEM projects

see project
Ford DMS
see project
Renault DMS
see project
John Deere DMS
see project
Mercedes Benz DMS
see project
Toyota DMS
see project
Case DMS
see project
Agco DMS
see project
New Holland DMS
see project
John Deere
Agricultural equipment dealer websites
see project
John Deere
Construction equipment dealer websites
see project
John Deere
Lawn and turf equipment dealer websites
see project

Possible interfaces between
Autologica DMS and manufacturers


  • Price list
  • Substitutions
  • OEM suggested parts order
  • DMS suggested parts order
  • Parts orders to OEM
  • Packing lists from OEM
  • Parts invoices from OEM
  • Parts inventory
  • Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)
  • Kits
  • Special transactions
  • Parts sales
  • Wholesale sales


  • Delivery receipts
  • Warranty claims
  • Warranty claim credits
  • Standard pricing guides
  • Jobs related to models
  • Standard job times
  • Repair orders, send to OEM
  • Repair orders, weekly report
  • Repair orders, from OEM Aftersales System
  • Workshop appointments
  • Workshop visits


  • Models
  • Colors and upholstery
  • Status of vehicles ordered from OEM
  • Vehicle invoices
  • Sales
  • Sales channels
  • Prospects
  • Interface to corporate CRM


Administration and Finance

  • Financial indicators
  • Financial reports
We also offer specific interfaces for many manufacturers.