Autologica generates accounting entries in real time, from the transactions that are entered in each department. The Office Manager, Controller or the dealership accountant can define "model entries" based on their preferences.


The system also allows manual entries if desired.

If the dealership works with an external accounting firm, they can be given Internet access to the system to work directly with the accounting information generated by the system, avoiding the many hours that are sometimes spent generating accounting entries outside of the system.

If the dealer wants to use an external accounting software system, Autologica can export data to that accounting package through an interface.


Significant Features

  • Configurable chart of accounts
  • Generates accounting entries automatically
  • Manual entries
  • Generates closing entries
  • Exchange rates, adjustment for inflation
  • Adjustments to historical accounting
  • Model entries
  • Interfaces with external accounting systems (please inquire)
  • General Journal
  • VAT Books: Purchases and Sales
  • Ledger accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Presentation Balance Sheet (Historical)
  • Analytical reports
  • Balance-due reports
  • Due-date reports


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