Autologica CRM

Boost the productivity and efficiency of your sales force.
Unlike generic CRMs, Autologica CRM is specially designed for dealers, and integrates with Autologica DMS or any DMS.

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Main features

Centralized sales schedule

Automatic callback reminders

Prospect evolution

Marketing campaigns

Integrates with any DMS

Strategic reports to measure performance


Sky: Cloud version

Sales staff and managers can connect to the CRM from anywhere through the Internet. 

Installed on your servers

The CRM is installed on the dealership’s servers.

Synchronized information between SAP ERP and Autologica SAP Connector

The SAP Connector provides integration between SAP ERP and Autologica CRM to keep the following information synchronized between the two systems:

Master data
Customers and Prospects; Vehicle Models (Unit Master Data). 

Transactional data
Available Inventory; Customer Sales History; Creation of offers/sales orders in the ERP.

Other interfaces can be developed according to business requirements. A frequent example is Collections – Online Customer Account Statement. 

Advantages of Autologica CRM

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Schedule: No more recording sales call information in spreadsheets or paper notebooks. 
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Alerts: Set alerts to help you efficiently manage interactions with each prospect. 
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Travel scheduling: When visiting a certain region, the salesperson can quickly know which customers and prospects are in the area and visit them. 
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Deep knowledge of the prospect: Easy access to the contact history in the prospect file. 
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Customer file: The more you know your customers, the more sales opportunities you will find. The CRM lets you record the customer’s current vehicles, interests, hobbies, and more. Agriculture equipment dealers can record crops, hectares, activities, etc.
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Each contact is an asset: If your sales staff changes, you can follow up on prospects without starting from scratch. 
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Analyze the sales process: The sales funnel report helps you spot inefficient sales stages so you can adopt corrective measures. 
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Know your sales potential: By comparing conversion rate vs. prospects, you can understand the number of contacts you have to make in order to reach your sales potential. 
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Strengthen bonds with customers: Through aftersales contacts and complaint management, follow up and resolve each complaint.
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Know your market: Specific CRM reports provide strategic information about your market. 

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CRM for Dealer Networks

A frequent problem for vehicle and equipment OEMs is that they invest great amounts of money in prospect generation and then lose track of the prospects when they’re sent to their dealers. 


Learn how Autologica CRM can help you solve this issue.