Autologica Dealer Management Systems

Autologica DMS is a dealer management system used by hundrers of automobile, agriculture machinery, motorcycle, heavy machinery, truck and bus dealers in 20 + countries.


The global DMS that accompanies dealers on the way to success.


All departments of your dealership integrated in one system



Autologica on your own servers

You can also install our DMS on your own servers. Autologica DMS integrates all departments and stores in real time; it’s Windows-based which makes it user-friendly and easy to learn.



Autologica DMS Key features

12 reasons to have Autologica DMS at your dealership

One system for your entire network

Autologica DMS can manage multiple companies, stores, brands and warehouses in real time, while maintaining a unique customer and unique vehicle throughout the entire system. You can manage all stores with just one system, wherever they may be.


A system that grows with you

When you add new employees or open new stores, we’ll expand server capacity in a matter of minutes and with zero investment on your part.

100% integrated modules

With Autologica DMS you can carry out the daily operations of all departments of the dealership; all information is shared across the entire dealership in real time.

Real-time information

You can see everything that happens across the dealership at any time. Every action is automatically tracked by the system.

Automatic accounting

Autologica DMS automatically generates accounting entries, updates customer and supplier current accounts, among many other automated features.

Key management reports

Managers can see the status of their departments through key reports that measure performance, profitability and efficiency. In addition, Autologica can provide reports required by your OEM.

OEM interfaces

Exchange key information with your OEM with just one click: price lists, inventory, monthly sales, parts and accessories orders, and many more.

A secure system for your business

Autologica DMS allows you to manage user permissions so as to guarantee maximum security. The Sky version includes additional safety measures to prevent other security threats, and performs daily backups.


Save money

With Autologica Sky DMS, we handle all system updates, operating system security patches, and all hardware and software maintenance.

Constant improvement

We develop and launch new versions of Autologica DMS periodically, with new features and improvements specifically designed for our customers.

High availability

Autologica Sky DMS data centers have an availability average of 99.5%.

Data belongs to the dealer

You can easily export all of your data from Autologica Sky DMS in various formats.


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