Job Clock Touchscreen

Improve workshop performance and efficiency


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Avatar Gerardo Colombo

«Dealers can increase workshop revenue by 15% in 4 months using the Autologica Job Clock.»

Gerardo Colombo
Senior Consultant

Avatar Gerardo Colombo

With Autologica, it's easy to track how many of our workshop's available hours are effectively being used on Repair Orders, how many are invoiced to customers, and the efficiency of each technician.

Mansilla Group
Official GM dealer

Avatar Gerardo Colombo

«Service Managers can measure true productivity and efficiency with the Job Clock.»

Octavio Santisteban
Senior Consultant

Time tracking

Increase productivity and efficiency in the Service Department by tracking the use
of each of your staff’s hours.




Workshop cleaning


Assistance to other departments

Vehicle movement



and any other task you want to measure

Is my workshop productive?

Compare worked hours vs. billed hours automatically, and instantly detect delays
and unproductive time.


Technician panel

Track what each technician is working on, in real time.


panel de control de touch





Integrate Job Clock with
any dealer management system.


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