Advantages of Autologica Sky DMS

The concept of cloud computing is simple: use your software apps over the Internet, without purchasing, installing or managing the servers.

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Lower costs

Autologica takes care of updates, hardware and software maintenance, and system management (including the frequent security patches sent by Microsoft). This way you don't have to spend nights and weekends monitoring a system update or a server's replacement.

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No costly licenses

All the licenses for the database and server's operating system are included in the service. You will always have the latest versions without additional cost.

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Grow together

When hiring new employees or opening a new branch, it is likely that you must invest in new servers. With Autologica DMS that is not necessary, we will expand the servers for you in a matter of minutes and without investments.

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Permanent access

Cloud computing makes it easy to grant all the stores, remote users, and sales and service staff access to the system over the Internet. Any user can use the system at any time and from any browser, computer or mobile device, 24/7.

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High availability

Cloud software architecture is designed for the highest performance, which is why it offers greater efficiency, higher availability, and a better backup of your information than conventional installations (on-premises). Autologica offers a 99.5% of availability for customers and excellent data security.

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New versions

With the dealer's authorization, Autologica installs every new version of the system and runs database scripts whenever they are needed.

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Energy saving

By eliminating much of the hardware from your facilities, cloud computing reduces electricity consumption in your server room.

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Make the most of your resources

Instead of employing your IT staff in keeping the system and servers working, you can reassign them to more strategic tasks while we handle hardware and applications' maintenance and system updates.

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No strings attached contract

Autologica Sky DMS is a service, and as such, you can cancel it at any time and for any reason, without forfeit.

Data security and privacy

Autologica Sky DMS provides a high level of security through data centers with the newest technology, and through internal monitoring handled by the dealer management system. In addition, Autologica technicians constantly monitor the hardware infrastructure as well as the proper functioning of the management system.

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Information backup

As part of the service provided by Autologica Sky DMS, we will perform an automatic weekly backup of the dealer's complete database (there is also an option for a daily backup).

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The best security

The data centers where Autologica Sky DMS is located obey to the most demanding security standards, including SAS 70 Type 2 certification. The centers count with extra storage so as to ensure optimal performance. The dealer's information is protected under the strictest safety regulations.

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Maximum availability

Autologica Sky DMS data centers have an availability rate of 99.5%, which ensures access to the system and its information 24/7.

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Autologica employees do not have access to the dealer's information, they can only access with explicit permission from the dealer, and only in case of technical issues. Once the issue is solved, Autologica no longer has access to the data.

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The dealer's information belongs only to the dealer

The dealer can easily export its information from Autologica Sky DMS to several formats, including Microsoft Excel® and OpenOffice®.

"Autologica's interfaces with the OEM make it easy for us to enter units in our system, and they allow us to monitor the production process of the units that are not in stock."

Federico Karam
Administration and Marketing
Karam Automotores S.A. Fordn Official Dealer

Modules of the management system


Modulo Servicios


A good dealer management system can help the Service Manager (or Aftersales Manager) to organize, manage, and monitor the Service Department, thus adding to the result of the dealer and improving customer satisfaction.

Modulo Servicios


New and used units sales has complexities that should be considered by the dealer management system in order to help the dealer to properly manage the inventory and know exactly how much revenue each transaction collects.

Modulo Servicios


A dealer management system must handle more than just the parts purchase and sales transactions.

Modulo Servicios


Nowadays it is essential to have an agile as well as detailed administration, which allows the Administration Manager to supervise what happens in the dealership.

Modulo Servicios


Autologica automatically generates all the accounting in real time, based on the transactions made in the each department. The dealer can use "model entries" defined by the Administration Manager or the company's accountant.

Modulo Servicios


Unlike most management systems for vehicle dealers, Autologica includes a completely integrated CRM tool.

Modulo Servicios

Financing plans

Autologica saves the staff valuable hours, since it does all the calculations involved in the preparation of financing plans for units, whether they are cars, agricultural machinery, trucks, buses, motorcycles, or any other vehicle.

Modulo Servicios

Job Clock Touchscreen

In order to increase productivity and efficiency in the Service Department, it is important to diagnose the use given to each work hour.

Modulo Servicios

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module helps dealers address fixed asset purchases and sales, depreciations, accelerated depreciations, depreciation roll back and more.

The business software application, the database and the servers all reside outside of the dealership and in the metaphoric cloud (i.e. the Internet), and are all managed by Autologica.