Sales management

Selling new and used vehicles, whether cars, agricultural equipment, trucks, motorcycles or buses, has certain complexities that a dealer management system should address to let you properly manage inventory and help you know exactly how much the dealership is making on every transaction.


In a world of shrinking margins, a dealer software system should help you know the exact cost of each vehicle sold, by allowing you to include accessories, maintenance work (including third party jobs) and other expenses incurred by the dealership.

Autologica DMS also helps simplify transactions involving trade-ins by automating most of the related tasks and paperwork.

And of course all information you record is automatically reflected throughout the entire dealership: for example, vehicle history can be seen in the Service Department linked to all warranty claims for that unit.

The Sales module is fully integrated with the CRM module, providing each salesperson with powerful tools to maximize sales, and helping the Sales Manager track their sales team.

Vehicle importers and distributors

Autologica includes special features for importers and distributors of autos, agricultural equipment, trucks, motorcycles and buses.


Significant Features

Vehicle information

  • Optionals
  • Inventory at each store
  • Owner and user of each unit
  • Unit documentation


  • Centralized information of all transactions for each new and used unit
  • Generates invoice from Sales Agreement
  • Print Sales Agreement
  • Consignments
  • Agreements, settlements
  • Direct invoicing (purchases and sales)
  • Trade-ins
  • Resale showrooms
  • Print mandatory vehicle forms (varies between countries)
  • Vehicle reconditioning
  • Generates accounting entries automatically
  • Updates current accounts automatically (customers and suppliers)

Significant reports

  • Vehicle ageing
  • Sales margin analysis
  • Sales trends
  • Sales washout
  • Balance owed per unit
  • VAT limit on trade-ins (varies by country, please inquire)
  • Special report so you can create Pivot Tables in Excel®

Manufacturer interfaces (*)

Finance Plans

  • Finance plans
  • Savings plans
  • Bank loans
  • Link plans with receipts and debit notes
  • Track finance plan sales



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