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Working together with vehicle dealers for over 25 years

We are a strategic partner of each dealership we work with. We understand the vehicle industry and are committed to helping our customers take the step from professionalism to excellence.

Our mission

We want to be a strategic partner to each of our dealership customers. We understand the business and are committed to helping them professionalize their operations and improve profitability with our products and services. Their goals become ours.







Alfredo McClymont

“The world has changed. A modern DMS must integrate with best-of-breed applications and services, must be intuitive to use, and must be in the cloud to simplify remote work. Even the deployment can now be done remotely.”
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sandra Calligaro

“Technology is ever-changing, and dealers must move fast to keep pace with their customers. At Autologica we are constantly thinking about what dealers will need tomorrow, and are proud to be pioneers with our innovative products.”
Product Owner

Lucas Agudo

"In such a competitive market, we must achieve a flexible and dynamic structure that responds quickly to change. Therefore, we are always looking for continuous improvements through process reengineering, synergy between departments, and change management among our multidisciplinary teams".
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Diego Clementín

"A web-based and cloud-based DMS web, connected to the world: our products accompany the evolution of technologies. Today, a DMS system connected with hundreds of different applications and services is key for the automotive industry, and that is the direction we’re headed."
Product Engineering

Renata Calligaro

“We’re a team of responsible professionals, committed to the needs of our customers. What unites is our positivity, passion and empathy when facing challenges.”
Human Resources Manager

Andrew McClymont

"We believe everyone must focus on what they do best... dealers on satisfying their customers’ needs, and Autologica on providing the technology so that those efforts have the highest possible impact."
IT Manager

Enzo Conforti

"With our elearning platform, Autologica users can stay up to date on our applications and services, and take our training courses anytime and from anywhere."
Head of Marketing

Miguel Rossi

"We don't sell a system, but rather an innovative management solution tailored to each dealership that helps them save time, optimize resources, generate sales opportunities, and achieve their goals."
Head of Sales

Virginia Vandamme

"We are committed to accompanying each customer starting on the day they decide to implement Autologica Sky DMS. Our goal is to enhance the dealer's results by offering all our expertise."
Implementation & Support Manager

Jorgelina Perez

"In our evolution towards a web-based DMS we’ve added new UX processes to improve how we create our applications and services. A good example is the user interview, that helps us see how users use our offerings, so we can make them easier to use and more intuitive."
UX Designer

Ignacio Zamorano

"La esencia de Autologica es la de una empresa que se refleja en sus valores, en las personas que la componen, en su misión y visión, sus logros, sus clientes y, por supuesto, en su imagen. Por esa razón la imagen de nuestra solución estrella, Autologica Sky DMS cambió para representar el nuevo horizonte hacia donde estamos yendo."
Corporate Designer

Octavio Santisteban

"We created Autologica BI to manage the high volumes of data of our car and equipment dealership customers, so that decision-making becomes an efficient and dynamic process that adapts to today's market needs."
BI Project Manager

Natalia Correa

"We want to be the most integrated DMS on the market. We work together with OEMs and dealerships on each stage of each integration project, to achieve a successful outcome."
PM for Integrations

Autologica S.A. has a Quality Management System certified by Bureau Veritas Certification - Bureau Veritas Argentina S.A according to ISO 9001:2015.

Scope: Design, development, commercialization, implementation and support of Autologica Dealer Management System (DMS) and applications for vehicle, agricultural and construction machinery dealers.
Torre Nordlink, Piso 14 Oficina 1
Madres de Plaza de 25 de Mayo 3020
Rosario, Argentina

Quality Policy

AUTOLOGICA S.A. is a company that provides information technology services, develops, and offers tools and solutions for automobile, motorcycle, truck, and agricultural and construction machinery dealerships. The company constantly strives to offer superior quality services to customers and, in addition, focuses on the constant search and implementation of continuous improvements in all its products and services.

To achieve these objectives, AUTOLOGICA S.A. has standardized and certified work processes that allow for quality service to customers and contribute to meet the demands that may arise during a dealership’s daily operations. To strengthen the commitment with customers, AUTOLOGICA S.A. has strict time-sensitive policies when developing solutions for clients or resolving their issues, and, in addition, complies with the legal requirements demanded by the different regulatory bodies of all the countries where AUTOLOGICA S.A. customers do business.

To ensure compliance with the goals of AUTOLOGICA S.A., the company’s management is committed to defining the global objectives that contribute to satisfying customers and developing quality products and services, promoting a work environment based on documented processes, and providing the necessary resources to finalize each project and task.

Version 8.0 – October 12, 2021

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