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From Data Entry to decision makers: the effect of Autologica BI on the dealership

We spoke with Cristian Danielli from Alianz, an official Toyota dealer in San Luis, who told us about his experience using Autologica BI to harness the power of the dealership data in their DMS.

Impact of Autologica BI

  • Easy to use. I don’t create our KPIs, however Autologica BI is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and this lets me quickly view reports as well as indicators.
  • Expert assistance. Autologica’s BI team helped us design each KPI dashboard. They respond quickly, interpret our needs, and help us create useful reports in Autologica BI.
  • Fast. The BI tool is so easy to use that in two clicks you can quickly see the evolution of the business, both from a management and from an accounting perspective.
  • From spreadsheet to screen. Compared to working via spreadsheets, Autologica BI is much more useful. We work much better and faster with the information offered by Autologica BI.
  • Navigate the data. We can quickly drill down to zoom in on each piece of data and see, for example, who is being billed. So, if I see a profitability indicator that doesn’t add up, I can easily find the data that distorts it.

Better use of our time

We have six managers in the dealership; before BI we had reached a situation where managers had become data entry staffers, as they spent many hours manually searching and uploading information in order to have the reports we need.

Now, by having the information automatically extracted from Autologica DMSeveryone is doing what they are supposed to: looking at the numbers to make better decisions.  

Most useful KPIs

  • Billing by business unit
  • Workshop revenue
  • Gross profitability by business unit

Better decisions

As part of our daily work, each manager must present information regarding the status of their respective departments. With Autologica BI we are able to monitor these indicators more often and thus have a day to day view of our dealership’s productivity.  

With Autologica BI we can also detect trends and make instant decisions. This is a great added value, as it allows us to quickly correct the course in our operations. For example, if on a certain day we are not doing well in billing, I can plan what to do tomorrow to improve.


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Since: 2013



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Alianz is an official Toyota dealer belonging to GrupaAnz, based in San Luis (Argentina) and with extensive experience in the automotive industry. Its commitment, professionalism, and quality is reflected in each milestone achieved, highlighting the 1st place in the 2021 Toyota Dealership Operations Excellence Program and also being the best-selling and most chosen brand in San Luis and at the country level.