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Benefits of the Parts inventory reservation for the dealership

We spoke with Diego Troilo, Parts and Services Manager, who told us how they use Autologica Sky DMS features for key dealership processes.

One of the most used features is parts reservation. “It is a very useful tool that greatly simplifies our lives. Having this feature, before placing an order with BMW Argentina we reserve the part in Autologica Sky DMS where everything is registered and is 100% traceable”.

This feature allows parts to be quickly reserved for a customer, improving the customer satisfaction and prioritizing the delivery of parts to those customers who have reservations.

Previously, when a customer requested a part that was not in stock and had to be ordered from the supplier, when the part arrived there was a risk that it might be sold to another customer, generating dissatisfaction with the first customer who had actually requested it.

“We no longer have to use a shared spreadsheet where anyone could modify the information… now everything is registered within Autologica Sky DMS. The positive thing is that we save a lot of time, especially on large orders.” Diego Troilo, Parts and Services Manager.

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Delta Motors is an official BMW Motorrad dealer located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Noted for their team of highly trained professionals and for offering a unique customer experience, they’ve been using Autologica Sky DMS since 2019 to manage the entire dealership.