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Consur S.R.L.

I love working with BI because it provides me with up-to-date, real-time information.

How was your first contact with Autologica BI?

I had never had any experience with these types of tools, so I found it difficult at first, but luckily we had the opportunity to practice, play with the tool and create graphs that helped us learn to use it. Today, I’m more familiar with it, and I love working with BI because it provides me with up-to-date and real-time information.


Which KPIs do you use most?

We focus on several KPIs, but we mainly monitor our results in vehicle sales and after-sales, and the objectives set for the main store as well as each of our branches.

We monitor all our numbers and their evolution based on labor, parts, and vehicle sales trends… and depending on the information obtained from BI, we can make decisions and propose actions.


What are the main advantages of Autologica BI?

Analysis of large volumes of data

The BI Sales application gathers a huge amount of data that allows us to analyze, for example, the entire database of customers that have purchased a vehicle at our dealership since 2006, the year in which we started using Autologica DMS. This is a lot of data, and Autologica BI lets us analyze it and make decisions to meet our goals, even in these difficult times. Our management team decided to invest in this tool to boost sales.


Analysis by business unit

Autologica BI lets us carry out different analyses for each of our business units. We have multiple business units: vehicles, service, parts, bicycles, insurance, and even a branch for furniture sales. By having the possibility of analyzing each business unit separately, we have plenty of information that we analyze both in the Sales and Accounting BI applications.


Updated data

Our CEO, as well as our administrative and service managers, can monitor what’s going on at the main store as well as at each branch. This is a breakthrough because we have all the information available instantly.


Automatic presentation of KPIs

Something important is that you can export the KPIs to different formats, for example to a PowerPoint presentation.  This is very useful for presenting results to our directors without having to create spreadsheets, which is a very slow process.



I strongly suggest other dealerships try BI because they’ll benefit greatly from them. We find them truly useful… in fact, our managers are monitoring the dealeshirp’s performance from wherever they are, even from any part of the world.


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