Autologica with Ford

The Autologica dealer management system is endorsed by Ford, and used by many Ford auto and truck dealerships.

Our DMS includes functionality specifically developed for Ford dealers: parts searches by basic code, special reports such as the monthly vehicle report, and much more.

Interfaces between Autologica DMS and Ford

Autologica DMS includes multiple interfaces between the dealer management system and Ford that help optimize and accelerate data exchange between the dealership and Ford.


  • Parts prices
  • VIP purchases
  • VIP sales
  • VIP parts inventory
  • GUDB



  • Service appointments



  • Status of vehicle orders – f116
  • Ford auto invoices
  • Ford truck invoices
  • Ford SICOP
  • Ford vehicle report – Factpub


Administration and Finance

  • Financial statements
  • Snap-on

Ford Agenda DMS interface

Ford Agenda is a web-based service appointment scheduling tool used by Ford. Autologica includes an interface between the DMS and Ford Agenda that allows Ford to send dealers service appointments that were requested by Ford vehicle owners.


GUDB: Interface that sends the following information to Ford: Invoices or service repair orders, counter sales invoices, parts inventory, service appointments, and used vehicle sales.

HUB: Interface that connects Ford’s CRM and Autologica’s CRM.

Ford SICOP CRM DMS interface

Ford SICOP is a CRM tool used by Ford dealers. The dealer enters potential sales (traditional, special, savings plan) in SICOP, and the Autologica DMS SICOP interface opens a sales order automatically in Autologica. Once the dealer completes the sales order, it is sent back to SICOP through the interface.

Ford endorsed DMS

Autologica DMS is endorsed by Ford.

Autologica DMS is a dealer management system used by vehicle dealers in English and Spanish speaking countries.