Autologica with Mercedes-Benz

Autologica DMS is a dealer management system used by Mercedes-Benz auto dealers in different countries.

Our dealer management system includes functionality specially developed for Mercedes-Benz dealers, as well as multiple interfaces between the DMS and Mercedes-Benz that help optimize and accelerate data exchange between the dealership and Mercedes-Benz.

Interfaces between Autologica DMS and Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz dealers who use Autologica DMS can interact with the OEM through multiple interfaces provided by our dealer management system.

These interfaces optimize response times between the dealer and Mercedes-Benz, as information is added to systems on both sides automatically


  • Repair orders
  • Jobs related to models (2014)


  • Parts price list
  • Parts purchase suggested by the DMS
  • Parts orders to Mercedes-Benz
  • Parts packing lists from Mercedes-Benz
  • Parts invoices from Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-Benz suggested DMS software

Autologica DMS is a dealer management system suggested by Mercedes-Benz.

The Autologica dealer management system is used by vehicle dealers in English and Spanish speaking countries.