Autologica with Renault

The Autologica dealer management system is endorsed by Renault, and used by many Renault auto dealerships.

Renault’s main reasons for choosing the Autologica DMS were:

  • Cloud-based. Autologica DMS can be deployed as an on-demand dealer management system solution and accessed via the Internet from all stores.
  • Autologica DMS is ideal for large centralized dealer networks, as it provides individualized and integrated views of dealership information.
  • Our ability to add Renault specific functionality.

Significant features for Renault

  • Renault managers can see consolidated information for their dealer network in real time, without having to run batch processes.
  • All dealerships, points of sale, parts warehouses and service centers share real-time parts and vehicle inventory, customer information including A/R and credit limits, and more.
  • Unique customer and vehicle across all locations


Interfaces between Autologica DMS y Renault

Autologica DMS includes multiple interfaces between the dealer management system and Renault that help optimize and accelerate information exchange between the dealership and Renault.


  • Parts and substitutions
  • Parts packing notes from Renault
  • Parts packing note status
  • Parts invoices from Renault
  • Parts orders to Renault
  • RIM (Retail Inventory Management)


  • Repair orders
  • PGCS


  • Renault model
  • Generic models
  • Colors
  • Vehicle invoices
  • Wholesale sales (IRM)
  • Renault Selection
  • Renault BDCF

Renault endorsed DMS

Autologica DMS is endorsed by Renault.

Autologica DMS is a dealer management system used by vehicle dealers in English and Spanish speaking countries.