Autologica with Toyota

Autologica DMS is a dealer management system used by Toyota dealers in different countries.

Our dealer management system contains specific functionality developed for Toyota auto dealers, including features that help dealers receive Toyota certification for their aftersales operations under TSM Kodawari.

Toyota dealers using Autologica DMS can interact with G-TOPAS through the parts price list, parts orders, parts packing list and parts sales interfaces.

These interfaces optimize response time between the dealer and Toyota as all of the information is automatically recorded in both systems.

Interfaces between Autologica DMS and Toyota


Toyota dealers need to inform repair orders, shifts, updated customer data, vehicle invoices and vehicle requests.To report this information daily, Autologica automatically connects with the OEM’s web services.


  • Status of each vehicle (benefit: no need to manually add vehicles, they are added through the interface)
  • Vehicles sales transactions


  • Parts orders to Toyota
  • Parts packing list from Toyota
  • Toyota prices
  • Toyota parts sales


Global Toyota Parts Supply System. Used by dealers to connect to the Global Toyota parts supply system to ensure smoother distribution.


TSM Kodawari

TSM: Toyota Customer Service Workshop Management.

Kodawari: Japanese word that means “the uncompromising and relentless pursuit of perfection”.

TSM Kodawari. Certification given by Toyota for aftersales quality.

DMS used by Toyota dealers

Toyota dealers from diverse English and Spanish-speaking countries use Autologica DMS as their dealer management software.