Here are some new features in Autologica Sky DMS and other apps that are part of the Autologica universe



Quick Alerts | New Events

The following Quick Alerts events were created: Send the due date schedule report with/without interest. These alerts let you send a communication-type email to the customer with the Due Date Schedule report.


Extension of the number of digits in the “Price” fields

Parts. The fields related to parts were modified to support more digits. They now admit 9 integers and 2 decimals. Finance Plans. The expense percentages related to finance plans were modified to support more digits. They now admit 9 integers and 2 decimals.

Cash Register | Collected notes with difference in exchange rate that was not generated

This new report helps you monitor collected notes in foreign currency that generate exchange differences that have not been generated.


Parts | Print picking list

There is a new control when printing a picking list to validate that the user has not selected vouchers from more than one store. If the user has marked vouchers from different stores, a message pops up, indicating this situation, and the picking list with these vouchers is not displayed.

Reports | Settlement schedule report

Important changes have been made to the Settlement Schedule report, issued from the Finance Plans for Vehicles Reports module. New filters (Source, Salesperson, and Zones) and the information can be exported to an Excel file.

Integrations | Autologica and Pilot CRM

A modification was made to the interface, to add the MODELS published by Pilot CRM to Autologica DMS automatically. This information is downloaded/updated automatically every 48/72 hours when the Sales Orders interface or Vehicle Inventory report is executed.


Weighted Average Cost in the Sales detailed (by voucher) reports

A modification was made to the Sales detailed reports, issued from: 1) Parts Reports > Sales > Sales detailed (by voucher); 2) Parts Reports > Service Administration > Sales > Sales detailed (by voucher).

When you issue the report in foreign currency, the “Export” option shows information regarding the parts’ Weighted Average Cost. Before this modification, the WAC was only displayed when issuing the report in local currency.


Process to modify the make in vouchers with generated entries

A new process was developed to modify the make in vouchers with generated entries in bulk, by marking vouchers from a list and executing the change. In this way, you no longer need to reopen vouchers one by one for editing the make in these vouchers, reducing errors, and improving the time invested in the task.


Improvement to Warranty Claims process

A new workflow was developed for the recognition of guarantees, which can be used by those dealers that operate with factories that recognize guarantees indistinctly, one part through a global invoice, and another with a credit note from the supplier for the same concept (for example, Spare Parts). Through this circuit, the operation can be registered in the system and control of the guarantee resources pending billing, and of the differences that may remain after billing.

Improvement to New Vehicle Delivery Appointments

To this function of the DMS that is used to manage the schedule of vehicle delivery appoints, a long-awaited requirement by the dealers was added. Now, an appoint sheet can be defined for each workshop.


Currency in the Subscriptions form

The Subscriptions form was modified to show the currency of the subscription amounts.
This information is completed when you create the subscription and is displayed in the subscription’s Main tab.

New warranty coverage process

There is a new process for those dealers that work with OEMs that cover part of the warranties through a comprehensive invoice and part through a supplier credit note for the same item (for example, Parts). With this new process, dealers can register this procedure in the system and monitor the uninvoiced warranty claims as well as the differences that may arise after invoicing.

Improvement to service appointments

Through this improvement, each workshop can configure an independent appointment schedule. This allows more flexibility since each workshop can work with a different appointment schedule. Including the implementation of Delivery appointments without affecting the current work process of the service workshops.


New interface to import accounting entries

A new interface was developed to import multiple accounting entries in a single process; this speeds up the loading of accounting data.

Performance and security improvements

As in each new version, we’ve made overall improvements to the system to optimize its operation and enhance data security.

New print form for parts labels

A new print form was developed for printing parts labels with the following characteristics: the label shows the barcode and the part ID and description; the label shows the part location based on the warehouse for the part in the voucher; if the part was requested to satisfy a customer order, the label shows customer information (First and Last Name, and Phone number). Only for parts from a purchase voucher: the label shows the part quantity.


Dual currency accounting

You can now obtain reports and indicators in foreign currency. The Autologica Sky DMS new version lets you issue Executive Information Reports in USD. This applies to dealerships that use dual currency accounting. The dual currency accounting feature provides the accounting data in the foreign currency set up at the dealership.

To obtain accounting in foreign currency, the process works with the method required by the International Accounting Standards.

Interface to import parts promotions

This interface allows you to quickly define parts in promotion in the system from a spreadsheet. The dealership can import into the DMS a spreadsheet with the parts in promotion, percentages applied, and the promotion’s validity date range. When any of those parts are added to an order, invoice, or part voucher, the discount is applied automatically.

Interface to import technicians time cards

You can now streamline data input in the DMS for technicians’ working times in repair on the farm. Through an Excel spreadsheet, you can import all the information to Autologica Sky DMS.

Integration with Exact, management software for small and medium enterprises

Through this integration, Autologica Sky DMS sends the accounting entries to the Exact software instantly so the information can be available in both systems. In this way, management can be performed by taking advantage of the Autologica Sky DMS front-office power and recording the accounting in Exact Software.