Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Autologica Sky DMS



What type of dealership uses Autologica Sky DMS?

Autologica Sky DMS is a powerful dealer management system designed for medium and large dealerships that sell and service automobiles, agricultural and construction equipment, electric vehicles, trucks, and high-end motorcycles. It is a multi-company, multi-brand, and multi-store DMS that provides real-time information, in both consolidated and individualized fashion.


How much does Autologica Sky DMS cost?

Autologica Sky DMS has an initial deployment fee and then a monthly fee that also includes technical support and updates. It is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solution, which includes servers, database licenses, and automatic backups. We offer competitive prices and adjust to the reality of each market, always with no-strings-attached contracts.


Does Autologica Sky DMS require a long-term contract?

No, we work with a no-strings-attached contract, and dealers can freely decide to continue or cancel the Autologica Sky DMS service at any time with no exit cost. And of course dealers always keep their data. User licenses can be added or reduced from one month to the next.


What happens with my data if I cancel Autologica Sky DMS?

Dealers keep their data. If you cancel the Autologica Sky DMS service, you obtain a copy of your data.


How is Autologica Sky DMS implemented?

An Autologica DMS implementation generally takes from 3 to 9 months, depending on the size of the dealership (locations, users, brands, multiple companies, complexity of operations, etc.). We will create a joint project with the dealership’s management and commit the resources necessary to achieve a successful deployment.

An Autologica project manager will lead the project and supervise it from start to finish, interacting with the dealership’s project manager to jointly ensure that the implementation is performed on time and on budget.


What are the main features of Autologica Sky DMS?

Unlike a generic ERP, Autologica Sky DMS offers specific features for each department of a vehicle dealership:

  • Suggested parts orders based on statistical data: demand, price, cost, and other configurable variables
  • Tracking of shipments for importers
  • RO progress in the workshop
  • Online workshop appointment scheduling
  • Tablet-based vehicle reception
  • Vehicles ordered to the OEM, follow-up until delivery to the customer
  • Delivery appointments to coordinate efforts between the sales, parts, and service departments
  • KPIs on manager’s mobile device


What is Autologica Sky DMS?

Autologica Sky DMS is the most complete management solution (DMS) for dealers who want to manage their business in a comprehensive, professional and secure way. It is the solution chosen by large vehicle and equipment dealers who want to grow and become more profitable because it 100% designed specifically for vehicle industries.

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Is Autologica Sky DMS is a generic ERP?

No. Autologica Sky DMS is a full-featured software system specifically designed for vehicle dealerships. It can be configured to adapt to the needs and processes of each particular dealer; workflows are customizable and can adjust to how each department or location works.


I use SAP Business One; can I use Autologica Sky DMS?

Autologica Sky DMS integrates in real-time with SAP Business One through an SAP-certified connector. This connector is called Autologica DMS for SAP Business One and lets you incorporate all the service processes into the SAP installation of your vehicle dealership.

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What industries use Autologica Sky DMS?


What are the main advantages of Autologica Sky DMS?

Autologica Sky DMS is a cloud-based dealer management system with many competitive advantages for automobile, machinery, truck, and motorcycle dealers:

  • Fully integrated modules that avoids duplication and facilitates sharing information between the departments
  • Interfaces with the main automotive and equipment manufacturers
  • Technical support provided by experts in the dealership business
  • Easy to integrate with other apps thanks to our Open APIs
  • Multi-brand, multi-store, multi-company
  • Dual currency accounting
  • Scalable
  • Not a generic ERP, but a full-featured DMS that can be configured to the dealer’s needs
  • More than 100 monitoring reports


What modules are included in Autologica Sky DMS?